Olive Tree: The Best App for your Bible Journaling

I believe Bible journaling is one of the most effective and sincere ways of praying.

It’s like having a diary of my relationship with God and it helps me reflect by just flipping the pages of my journal. I spend at least 5 minutes every day to write anything that pops out to my mind as He knows my every thought and every longing and it gives me the confidence to let it all out!

I only need three (3) materials for my Bible journaling: A journal, a pen, and a Bible. I was actually having a hard time to understand some words in the Bible even if it’s already the New King James version and the size of the book occupies more than half of my bag’s space. I thought of buying a more compact Bible but font size of the one I currently have is already too small for me to read.

Then I realized, there are a lot of FREE Bible apps for FREE download. The most highly rated app is the Olive Tree and I was very happy with its features.

You could choose different versions of Bible with this app. I selected the New International Version (NIV) which is the most simplified version for me. Other features include Verse of the Day, Reading History, Notes, Highlights (my favorite!), Book Ribbons, Saved Passages and Tags.

I read the Bible chronologically so I could understand every content and people involved in it. I use the Highlights according to what I feel with the verse. Blue highlight for surprised, Pink for inspired, Green for sad, and Yellow for happy. Then I write those verses in my journal and explain why I feel that way.

I use the Verse of the Day to communicate with God. I do my best to start my bible journaling session upon waking up. I write the Verse of the Day followed by the words “Dear God” which makes me feel that He is my pen pal who I wish to meet someday. Reading History and Book Ribbons both serve as your bookmark that help you continue where you left off.

There are more features I need to unlock with this app to help me with my Bible journaling journey so I’m thinking of writing a part 2 for this topic. For now, I’m really enjoying it as it also helps me study the word of God efficiently.

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